Sticks n Bones Dog Daycare and Boarding is a family owned facility created to give your pets a home away from home experience. Our services include free roam daycare and boarding, which includes 3 daily pack walks, socialization classes, as well as hour long supervised treadmill runs. Our objective at Sticks n Bones is to provide a relaxing, stress free environment where your dogs feel safe and at home. We tend to each dog’s specific needs, providing them with whatever attention they require. Most importantly, with it being a family run business, we treat them as if they were one of our own!

Our Facility

Sticks n Bones is located just off Highway 400 in Innisfil. Our 3000 square foot facility sits on 5+ acres of land surrounded by green belt protected forestry. Our establishment includes two indoor in home style play rooms (including couches, coffee tables, a kitchen, and tv’s) as well as an outdoor fenced in agility style playground. We are constructed to house dogs of every size and situation, this includes dogs who are unsure of other dogs. Why Sticks n Bones What makes us different from other Daycare and Boarding facilities is that we care for dogs of all sizes and situations. This does not only apply to extremely social dogs, but also to dogs who require medical attention during the day and overnight, as well as behaviorally challenged dogs that require special attention. This means there is always staff on site to supervise, including overnight. Working with rescues around the GTA we understand that the needs of every dog may differ from one to another, which means we cater to every dog individually to ensure their specific needs have been met. We provide a free roam experience for social dogs where they will have free time with the other guests. For dogs that aren’t social, or have trouble socializing, they will be joining us on our daily pack walks. This helps them build the trust they need from other dogs in order to start gaining social skills. These dogs are provided with their own rooms, including beds, toys of choice, cooled floors for the summer, and heated floors for the winter to ensure ultimate comfort. These dogs are also given individual free time in our indoor and fenced-in outdoor areas throughout the day. Here at Stick n Bones, we DO NOT use harmful tools to correct or guide dogs (i.e. Choke chains, electric collars, etc.). We use tools that the families have provided if we feel necessary, and if there are issues with walking we will transition your dog to a gentle leader to ensure comfort and control during walks and show you how to maintain control over walks at home.